Infusion Beauty Center

We offer various therapies and procedures that will improve your appearance. The photos you see are examples before and after the therapies.

Преди терапия за акне
След терапия за акне
Acne therapy

The result shown in the pictures was obtained after four treatments.

Преди терапия с Icoone Laser над паласки
След терапия с Icoone Laser над паласки
Icoone Laser

Icoone Laser therapy in this area. The effect was obtained after 7 procedures of 10 minutes each.

ПРЕМАХВАНЕ НА СТРИЙ преди Icoone Laser
Stretch mark removal

The effect was obtained with Icoone Laser after 8 procedures. Stretch marks are visibly improved and the waist circumference is reduced by 3 cm. The skin is tighter.

МИКРОНИДЛИНГпреди процедура
МИКРОНИДЛИНГ резултат след процедура

Before procedures and after procedures.

ICOONE LASER преди процедура
ICOONE LASER Резултат от процедура
Icoone Laser

Already after the first procedure, there is a decrease in the circumference of the thigh by 1 cm.